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Jim Morrison Autographs is delighted to offer one of the single most important sets of hand signed music lyrics in rock and roll history. Here are the original hand written studio lyrics for The Doors, L.A. Woman by Jim Morrison.

These original handwritten Jim Morrison lyrics are the original 1970 studio lyrics by Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison signed the lyrics and these were given to a close friend and associate at the time. These authentic Jim Morrison lyrics were previously on loan and displayed at the Hard Rock Café, New York.

These rare original handwritten and signed Jim Morrison Doors lyrics are now available to buy.

The Doors remain one of the most critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. They continue to have a huge fan base around the world. Jim Morrison autographs are a valuable asset to any music memorabilia collection and have a proven track record as a sound long term investment.

The Doors Lyrics

Jim Morrison handwritten studio lyrics

This rare set of original Jim Morrison handwritten lyrics is for his 1970 composition L.A. Woman. Comprising of one yellow sheet of lined A4 paper with the lyrics of L.A. Woman written by Jim Morrison in pen.

This authentic set of handwritten lyrics for The Doors' mega-iconic "L.A. Woman" is written in Jim Morrison's own hand and were the original reference lyric for the recording of the song. Less than four months after this song was released in April of 1971, Jim Morrison had died.

Handwritten lyrics from rock's golden age are incredibly personal pieces of memorabilia and highly sought after from collectors and museums around the world. Here is the ultimate genuine signed Jim Morrison memorabilia you could ever wish to own.

Jim Morrison's genuine hand written lyrics are accompanied by several important pieces of paperwork and letters dating the lyrics back to their conception and handover from Jim Morrison himself in the original recording studio.

Jim Morrison gave these hand written lyrics on the day of the recording to long time friend and associate, Russ Estees at the actual Doors studio recording of LA woman in 1970. Russ Estees at the time was working for Screen Gems and also managed The Byrds (the US band) and Blue Cheer. Included with the lyrics is a copy of a letter from Russ Estees detailing this event on his Crystal Sky Productions letter headed paper and dated 5/93.

Jim Morrison was the lead singer and lyricist of rock band The Doors, as well as a poet. Following The Doors' explosive rise to fame in 1967, Jim Morrison developed a severe alcohol and drug dependency that culminated in his death at the age of 27 in Paris. He is presumed to have died from a heroin overdose, but as no autopsy was performed, the events surrounding his death and the exact cause of it continue to be disputed by many to this day.

Jim Morrison was ranked in Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time", and on Classic Rock Magazine's "50 Greatest Singers In Rock".

The original Jim Morrison lyrics

The original handwritten lyrics to The Doors L.A.Woman do not contain the words "Mr Mojo Risin" because these are the very first incarnation of the track from the studio session in December 1970. At this time, that part of the song had not even been conceived. It was only in 1971 when John Densmore later got the band to slow the track right down in the middle eight and they needed a chant or hook to link it up. It was only at this point when Jim Morrison came up with anagram of his name to use across the track.

A variation of these lyrics later appeared in The Doors published scrapbook. The lyrics reproduced in the scrapbook were actually requested specifically by Danny Sugarman from Jim Morrison, after the recording of L.A. Woman. Those hand written Jim Morrison manuscripts were originally sold to two Los Angeles dealers by Danny Sugarman. Among the manuscripts they also acquired were Crawling King Snake (A composition by John Lee Hooker written in Jim Morrison's hand), Been Down So Long, L'America, L.A. Woman and several others from what would become Jim Morrison's final album, The Doors, L.A. Woman. Those manuscripts originally sold for approx $3,000 each and were distributed among a variety of dealers, who resold them to collectors. It is well known those lyrics were all written after the actual recordings of the songs unlike the single sheet that is on offer here, obtained from the actual event.

The lyrics on offer here are the original set of handwritten lyrics from the first 1970 recordng session.

The Doors & Jim Morrison memorabilia are as popular today with collectors as they ever have been. The Doors have fans in every corner of the globe and across all ages. Genuine signed Doors memorabilia will always be a solid and sound investment opportunity.

Jim Morrison was well known for often improvising spoken word poetry passages while the band played live. Due to his wild personality and performances, he is regarded by critics and fans as one of the most iconic, charismatic and pioneering frontmen in rock music history.

The Doors

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The Doors The Doors

The Doors L.A. Woman Original Lyrics

The Doors Lyrics

"L.A. Woman" is a landmark song by The Doors. L.A. Woman is the title track on their 1971 album L.A. Woman, the final album with front man Jim Morrison before his sudden death. The song was recorded at The Doors Workshop on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, between December 1970 and January 1971.

Because of its length (7:49 on the original album) and difficult vocal chord progressions, "L.A. Woman" is considered extremely challenging to sing live. The Doors only performed the song live in its entirety once, at their penultimate concert in Dallas. Faithfully replicating Morrison's performance requires singing at top volume and full voice for the entire song as even the coda is sung at full force. Alcohol abuse and smoking had taken a severe toll on Morrison's voice and the resultant rasp, which gives the song a distinct colour, is difficult (and very painful) to duplicate.

This set of genuine authentic lyrics for the Doors' mega-iconic "L.A. Woman" is hand written by Jim Morrison.

The original set of Doors lyrics handwritten by Jim Morrison for L.A.Woman from The Doors final studio album. In July of that same year, Morrison was found dead in a Paris bathtub. Today, the cause of his death remains uncertain - yet his rock 'n' roll legacy still burns as brightly as ever.

Beginning "Well I just go into town about an hour ago..." Jim Morrison's lyrics are written in blue pen, with Biro doodles to the left hand side.

To the top of the A4 sheet the singer has written "J.M./Doors - L.A. Woman" and autographed the sheet to the top right corner next to the song title.

Jim Morrison famously regarded himself as a writer and poet as much as a singer (William Blake was a key influence) and this undoubtedly makes his lyrics even more sought-after among investors and collectors.

Without question one of the single most important set of lyrics ever made available on the open market for the ultimate rock and roll collection.

The authenticity of this fascinating piece of music history is verified by its undeniable provenance, having also been formally exhibited in the famous Hard Rock Cafe, New York. The lyrics are accompanied by a copy of the letter from the original owner Russ Estees, a letter from the Hard Rock Café, NY returning the lyrics after their loan. There are two further independent letters of authentication including full forensic analysis of the handwriting and lyrics. The whole collection is also accompanied by full rareandsigned certification valuing this package at £375,000 in April 2012.

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